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Workshops & Activities

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Make Your Own Pizza

Create an edible work of art!


Hikes in the State Park

Rock Painting / Creative Expression

Hosted by

Tarja Lewis

Yoga in the Woods

Stretch and connect with Tarja.

Styled Photo Shoots

"So Golden" Hour

Pop of Color in the Woods

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Creative Sweet Treats

Learn the secrets to delicious sweet treats with Chelsea!
Meet Our Talented hosts

The Team


Based in Washington DC

Graphic Designer & Artist

Color Aficionado

I strive to create a unique vision that reflects the beauty and diversity that exists in our society. I encourage everyone to let a little color into their life!

Artist Statement

Based in Washington DC


Makeup Enthusiast

With my passion for photography, I focus on moments that feel authentic, vulnerable and like magic to me.

Artist Statement

Based in Washington DC

Photographer & Textile Artist

Yarn Purveyor

Through my eyes and hands, I am eager to build a world of togetherness. My belief is that colors--especially bold and loud colors--create a feeling of connectedness and community.

Artist Statement

Retreat Sponsors

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